Jenn Can Cook

Get it? Jenn Can Cook? Just like that old Saturday morning basic cable cooking show Yan Can Cook? Maybe nobody but my family will get that one…

A small disclaimer before we start. I love Top Chef and am always amazed at the amazing dishes those chef’s can put together out of almost nothing! I have always secretly dreamed I could do the same and last night (due to budget constraints) I had to do the same. I challenged myself to put together a great meal using only the ingredients I had in the fridge and my cupboard. I may or may not have pretended I was in a quick fire vying for the judges approval but we wont get into that. Just kidding!

I don’t fancy myself a chef, in fact i’m pretty certain i’m nowhere near being a chef or cook or line cook or sous chef (all terms i’ve learned from watching countless seasons of Top Chef) but last night I actually did it. I actually opened up my cupboards and put something together that was really good and I didn’t even use a recipe! Ok, well I did start with a recipe for these amazing curried cauliflower.

This was the before, I added broccoli because it was about to go bad in my fridge. I got the recipe off of Pinterest from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe I love this sight it has some amazing recipes. It was super simple and I had everything already in my cupboards. Just some olive oil, salt and curry powder, bake it and it’s a dish!

I then decided I needed some protein so I defrosted some chicken and thought i’d put together some coconut walnut curried chicken? Not sure where that came from but I went with it.

I coated the chicken with a little sprinkling of whole wheat flower, no sugar added shredded coconut, curry powder and crushed walnuts (since I didn’t have any peanuts). I then heated up the frying pan with a tablespoon of olive oil and once the pan was sizzling I added the chicken. I let it cook a couple minutes on each side just so it’s a little brown and fully cooked. I then added a heaping spoonful of coconut oil, some low sodium chicken broth and some coconut milk. Just enough of the liquids to get all the good scrapings off of the pan. I then used my curried veggies as the rice and topped it off with my newest creation and voila!

I present to you coconut walnut curried chicken atop of curried broccoli and cauliflower. A delicious, low fat, filling dish which is quickly becoming my favorite. Plus I feel like a real top chef now. Like if Padma Lakshmi challenged me to a quick fire and Tom Colicchio judged my dish I wouldn’t be kicked off! This is quite the accomplishment

since they obviously take this very seriously.


2 Replies to “Jenn Can Cook”

  1. Hilarious. And sounds super yummy. And I totally remember Yan Can Cook. And you never blogged about Amy and I the other night, what gives?!

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