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I am so glad to be back to my Monday routine or my staying home, cooking, working out, reading, cleaning and whatever else it is I do with my free night. I’ve had a full couple of weeks and last week I got the privilege of hanging out with these cuties.

Yah we pick our nose sometimes, so.

Believe me I was so blessed to be able to visit with my close friends and family these past two weeks but I also really enjoy my routine. So to get back to it tonight was so nice especially after being sick this past weekend.

I wanted to get back to eating stuff I actually made at home, watching my sugar intake, doing yoga and being the weirdo hippie I had started to really enjoy being. About the last month or so I’ve decided to cut costs on some products I use and to stop filling my body with so many processed foods and beauty products and so far I’ve loved it! I can feel the difference when I use store-bought or made products and I just feel better (and save money) when I use my homemade stuff.

The first thing I switched to was homemade deodorant. Yes you heard me I made my own deodorant my friend Kristin over at The Linen House  is the one who introduced me to it and I don’t know if I’ve thanked her yet but Kristin, thank you. I LOVE it! Seriously the first day I used it was the first hot day in a long time it was like 85* that day and I walked up the stairs to the office at work and all the doors were open and all the fans on which meant only one thing, the air conditioner was broken. I just laughed and thought whelp now I’ll know if this stuff really works (then I wrote an FB status stating the same thing) and by golly by 4:45 after checking my pits all day and trying to slyfully smell them it worked! I got in my car and I was dry and even better I didn’t smell at all and its been love ever since. I have put the stuff on in the A.M. come home, went running at the gym and still no smell! It also doesn’t feel like I have anything on and I don’t smell that chemically trying to smell like lilac or baby powder smell it’s beautiful and here’s all you need to make it.

Equal parts coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch. You can pour it into an old deodorant bottle, mold it into a bar and keep it in the fridge or leave it in a tupperware in the bedroom or bathroom and apply with your fingers (that’s my favorite method I learned thanks to my good friend Janiene from A Bunch of Bishops). Try it, you’ll love it I promise.

The next hippie product I tried was homemade laundry detergent. I’m still trying to figure out if I like that one. It is cost-effective but I’m not sure I like the results yet. The Jury’s still out i’ll come back to that one once I have more substantial findings.

And tonight I tried an organic face wash/blackhead remover that I found from a blog called Style Bees via pinterest. Since my church’s youth group girls sleepover where we made all organic face masks i’ve been in love with the stuff. Your face just feels so much cleaner and smoother after using all natural ingredients on it. I think it’s a thank you like the way my P.E. teacher used to say “when your muscled hurt they are saying thank you”, when my face feels fresh and smooth from the organic products it’s saying thank you. I like the second thank you much better than the first. Back to my organic pore unclogger stuff (that’s the technical term I’m sure). All it is was

Lemon and honey, that’s all. You cut a slice out of the lemon drop about three drops of honey on the lemon slice and rub on a clean face.

can you see the drops of honey on the lemon?

When you first place the lemon on your face all the honey will kinda stick to that spot but just use the lemon to rub it around, squeeze the lemon a little to get all the juice out and concentrate on your trouble or most clogged areas and then leave on for about five minutes. I used that time to sit down and read you can also put on a load of laundry, do some dishes or close the bathroom door and sit there in silence. You know whatever you prefer no judgement here. Then get up and rinse it all off with cold water. You’ll immediately notice how smooth your face feels from the honey and the smell is great! I didn’t see such a huge difference in my pores but I did notice my face just looked cleaner and fresher and I’m sure with enough uses and consistently using this I will see some great improvements. The verdict? LOVE!

Tonight I’m also going to try making my own translucent powder makeup. I’ll use it tomorrow and tell you what I think.

Yes, I’m a bit of a hippie and you know what? I kinda love it! I’m saving money and treating my body as a whole a lot better than before. Try it out I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.

Also I’ve realized I’m really long-winded and I guess that’s what my blog here is for so, sorry you can skim through I’ll never know anyways=)

Now go try some hippie stuff and tell me what you think!

5 thoughts on “Hippie stuff

  1. HEY SWEETS! LOVE ALL YOUR I-DEERS, (<- Say it in a thick southern way, and youll get it ;)) SEEMS LIKE WE HAVE A LOT IN COMMON, LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR POSTS

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