Be still

About a month ago I was given an assignment for a small group I’m part of through my church. The assignment was to pick a topic, research it, learn it and then come to group and share/ teach it. I immediately knew I needed to share about something that the Lord was wanting to teach me, something He specifically was going to speak into my life. So naturally I wrote down my topic, researched it, wrote out scriptures and whatever knowledge I had gained down in my pretty little notebook. Last night as I say there in Starbucks and looked at my well scripted, well researched topic none of it made sense to me or my life or what God wanted to teach me. So I sat there. With my earbuds in, my iced coffee sweating on the table next to me, my mind blank thinking I had failed. I wasn’t prepared. I had nothing. So I prayed, I sat with the Word open in front of me, worship blaring in my ears and I cried out to the Lord to show me, to speak to me, to lead me. I had nothing but pages full of knowledge. I knew that was not what I was supposed to share, I knew there was something more intimate. So as I quieted my heart and head and simply flipped through my bible with no agenda, no bullet point to fill, no topic to research He opened my eyes. He spoke to me He brought the scriptures that spoke to my heart and into my life and I knew this was it. This is what He wanted to show me and more than the heart of what He was showing me through His word at that moment but actually the moment itself. The quieting of my heart the clearing of my mind. He wanted time alone with me to lead me to whisper to me to make Himself known in my life. The words He spoke were fitting and eye opening and hopefully heart changing but how He got me there was a sweet reminder that He is God and I need to quiet my soul, stop and listen.

He wanted me to be still.

“Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth” psalm 46:10

How sweet it is to quiet my soul and hear my saviors voice.


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