29 voices

Whenever somebody asks me what ministry I’m involved in at my church and I tell them it’s High School or youth ministry they usually say something to the effect of “you must have patience” Or ” I don’t envy you” Or ” that’s definitely a calling” Whatever the response it usually has some kind of negative connotation. I know that’s because the youth of the world today are seen as hopeless, irresponsible or just not worth the effort. I have to oppose that view.

This past week I spent up in the mountains with 29 of the youth group kids from my church and let me tell you when given the chance the teenagers or youth of today are amazing human beings with beautiful callings and gifts. I’ve been to several youth camps as a camper and as a leader and I have to say to date this camp was the best I’ve been to yet. We started camp off as most camps start off. The kids wanting to be kids and have fun. Complaining about which team they were put in and being a bit squirley and squirmy but after our senior pastors message on Monday night he challenged the kids to sit and seek God. He challenged them to cry out to Him, to sing to Him, to be unashamed to ask for prayer and to thank God out loud. And we waited. We waited that night. We waited for the spirit to fall and boy did it fall. After a song or two and some persistent waiting the walls began to fall and pride began to diminish until all you could hear in the chapel were the 29 voices of our jr. High and High school kids.

I stood there that first night up front and listened and watched as hands and voices were raised to praise Jesus. I heard our kids cry out to God and I saw God answer those pleas this week. The next three nights I would sit in the back of the chapel and I would stop during afterglow and just take in the 29 voices that were being raised and the hands lifted high in adoration for our King and I was filled. I was filled with joy and peace and hope for this generation. I am hopeful for our kids. I saw God’s hand in their lives as they surrendered. I watched during free time and in the girls cabin as relationships were formed and fellowship was facilitated. I watched as lives were changed and because of it I was changed.

So yes I would say being a youth leader is a calling and you know what I wouldn’t want to be called anywhere else.


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