To blog or not to blog?


I feel the need to write.

It’s something that’s been on my heart. To write. To get my thoughts and ponderings out. To write for the Lord because I want to glorify Him with all of my life and would love an outlet to pour out what He has filled me with. And last but not least to write from the perspective of the 30 something single girl in the church. So many times I have sought to find other women who can bear in love and understanding, my position of singleness. The Lord has thankfully given me some amazingly Godly friends who are in the same boat and also so amazing Godly friends who invite me into their lives even though my season in life may not be the same as theirs. For that I am seriously grateful. With that said this is not going to be a one note blog, in fact I’m not completely sure where this is going but here I am ready move forward. So even if this goes out in to the lost internet files somewhere, I have started writing.



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