all about me

Hey all, it’s Jenn! Welcome to my blog. Let’s sit back and get to know each other. I’ll start.

I am an older sister, friend, daughter, niece, granddaughter, aunty and most importantly a child  of God. I love a good Jane Austen book and the first chapter book I ever read was Anne of Green Gables. I love to bake and craft and shop and read and write. I have planned weddings and parties and love, love, love to decorate. I’m a slow processor and a quick worker. I am a stickler for rules and love me some structure. I love to create but hate to follow directions ( I always think there has to be some kind of shortcut).  I love a good personality test and if I know you for long enough will probably make you take one.

I’m a realist mastermind, no really I am I have the test to prove it!

Most of all and most importantly I love Jesus and have been walking with Him since I was sixteen and haven’t looked back. That one statement shapes who I am, what I do, where I go and the decisions that I make on a day to day basis and I am forever grateful for each day that I am given because of it.

So glad you came and I hope you can stay a while.


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